Independent Mind

What drives the herd? Why do even the brightest sometimes make choices that appear irrational to anyone else? How can we avoid making the same mistakes? And mistakes aside, what does the science tell us about living a happier life?

This section of the website explores these and other closely connected questions of the human mind. Through the lenses of cognitive biases, mental models and ideas from the field of positive psychology, articles explore how we can think more independently and live happier.

If you’re new to to these concepts, start with the 3 articles set out below. If you’re doing some deeper exploring, check out the most recent psychology articles further down the page.



Mastering cognitive biases can open the door to better judgements and habits. Here’s the only introduction to cognitive biases that you need.


Mental models can help us think and understand the world better. Here are some of the best mental models for decision making and innovation.


Positive psychology is teaching us more about the foundations of a happy, fulfilled life. Here are 5 must-read ideas from the field.

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