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The Science-Backed Power of Authenticity

Psychology research is increasingly identifying authenticity as a leading predictor of well-being and happiness. But what makes someone authentic? And how can we foster authenticity?

7 Benefits of Minimalism for Your Money

Minimalism helps us focus on what we truly value, but it also provides significant benefits for our money. Here are 7 ways minimalism can bolster your personal finances.

The Ultimate Antidote for Financial Envy

The green-eyed monster of financial envy can take hold of us all. Here’s the one thing you should do to tame the monster and quit keeping up with the Joneses for good.

The Four Percent Rule: What’s All the Fuss About?

The four percent rule is a well-documented basis for retirement portfolio withdrawals. It’s even become a cornerstone of financial independence planning for many. But how useful and relevant is it in reality? And what risks does it bring?

So You Think You Can Multitask? Think Again.

In the demands of the modern world, we are convincing ourselves we’re getting more done by multitasking. But scientific research reveals a very different take: one in which multitasking harms our productivity, creativity and even our neurology – and where monotasking wins the day.

6 Practical Principles of Minimalism to Change Your Life

Putting minimalism into practice is easier said than done, but the rewards can be significant. Adopting a few practical principles can transform your focus. Here are six practical minimalism approaches I’ve used to effect change in my own life.

Are We Really All Working Too Much?

Our relationship with work has changed dramatically over the last century. But what exactly has gone wrong? And despite all the noise out there, are we really working too much?

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

The choice between paying off a mortgage early or putting spare cash towards financial investments is a battle between emotional intuition and financial logic. Consider the advantages and disadvantages carefully before making any decision.

Getting up Earlier: Productivity Hack or Health Hazard?

Without proper recognition of the power of rest, the narrative of getting up earlier to get more done can be dangerous and self-defeating. With a properly adjusted sleeping routine, on the other hand, the benefits of early mornings can be lifechanging.

Generating Passive Income: Stocks or Property?

Stocks and property are perhaps the two most popular passive income investment strategies. But before directing cash to them, it’s important to understand their risks and limitations, as well as the potential passive income benefits.

Nature, Nurture and Saving Habits

Our upbringing, our social circles during childhood and even our genetics can contribute to our attitudes to money. But just how much of our saving habits today can we attribute to these factors? And are we really in part pre-programmed to our financial paths?

8 Ways to Make Time for Everything

Making time for everything we want to achieve in a day can sometimes feel impossible. Here are a few things we can do to significantly shift the odds in our favour.

Emergency Funds: How Much Cash Is Enough?

Identifying how much cash is enough for our emergency funds is not always straightforward. To avoid the perils of too little or too much cash, here’s some guidance to help determine the right amount for you.

Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

Academic research has long sought to explore a link between money and happiness. But can money really buy happiness? And what are the implications on our own relationships with money?

Why Another Recession Is Looming – and How to Prepare

In 2008 we faced one of the deepest global recessions in economic history. Now, a distorted global recovery and the inevitable nature of economic cycles leave us imminently facing another. This one could be even worse – and we need to be prepared for it.

How Wealthy Is the Average Person at Your Age?

Data on the average net worth of individuals in different age groups in the UK provides some revealing insights about the make-up of our personal finances. But what lessons can we glean from it for our own personal finance journeys?

3 Principles for Nailing Salary Negotiations

Your approach to salary negotiations could be the decisive factor in earning hundreds of thousands of dollars of additional income over your working life. Here are three key principles for cashing in on your full potential from negotiations.

8 Things to Consider Before Renting out a Room

Putting a room or space in your home up for rent can be a great source of additional income as you work towards financial independence. Here are some important things to consider before you get started.