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Why blog anonymously
My Story

Why I Blog Anonymously, Despite All Its Disadvantages

Blogging anonymously has some major cons. The faceless writer misses out on personal connections, more traffic and extra accountability. But despite all the disadvantages, here’s why I currently blog anonymously.

stocks and property passive income

Generating Passive Income: Stocks or Property?

Stocks and property are perhaps the two most popular passive income investment strategies. But before directing cash to them, it’s important to understand their risks and limitations, as well as the potential passive income benefits.


Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

Academic research has long sought to explore a link between money and happiness. But can money really buy happiness? And what are the implications on our own relationships with money?


How Wealthy Is the Average Person at Your Age?

Data on the average net worth of individuals in different age groups in the UK provides some revealing insights about the make-up of our personal finances. But what lessons can we glean from it for our own personal finance journeys?