Independent Money

In the prevailing macroeconomic, demographic, technological and political climate, the pursuit of financial independence has arguably never been more important. As governments and central banks have further intruded upon our livelihoods, personal finance education has gone from being a competitive advantage to being an essential part of every human’s toolkit. We simply must be prepared to diversify our income sources, preserve our purchasing power and financially survive outside the model of the rat race if needed.

This section of the website explores key personal finance concepts to build this knowledge, as well as considering the wide range of investing opportunities that the current climate presents. If you’re new to the idea of financial independence and personal finance, start with the 3 introductory articles below. If you’re doing some deeper exploring, check out the most recent articles further down the page. 



The central banking cartel has overseen the greatest hustle in human history. The curtain is about to be pulled back to reveal its consequences.


Three important trends underline the importance of financial independence more than ever. And everyone should be awake to them.


Everybody would benefit by maintaining a version of this simple personal finance chart. It is the road to financial independence in two lines.

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