My Top 10 Picks from the Blog in 2019

Articles covered a diverse range of topics during my first year of blogging. Here are my top 10 picks from the blog in 2019.

Here’s something remarkable: I’ve learnt more this year than I did in the previous ten – and there’s only one reason for that. It’s because, quite simply, this year was my first year of consistent blogging.

Instead of investing my time studying to tick boxes, I’ve focused my energies on researching and writing content that has had a real benefit on my life. Instead of pursuing knowledge for the confines of 9-5, I’ve prioritised learning more about money, mindset and freedom. The net result of this shift has been a phenomenal year of learning.

As I reflect on this first year of blogging, I’ve been thinking about my favourite articles from the archives. In no particular order, these are my top 10 picks from the blog in 2019: those that I enjoyed the most, were read the most, or taught me the most.

The Life-Changing Power of Deep Work and Deep Play

The world is getting louder. Devices hardly leave our sides, buzzing often, luring us in for another dopamine hit. Our work lives, meanwhile, are now a constant battle against the distraction of email traffic, open-plan offices and excessive meetings. As our attention spans suffer, the value of deep work heightens. The ability to concentrate for intense periods of work is now a differentiating skill. But it can be enhanced even further when we compliment deep work with deep play.

Getting up Earlier: Productivity Hack or Health Hazard?

Short sleeping hours can be worn like a badge of honour in the corporate world. But without proper recognition of the power of rest, the narrative of getting up earlier to get more done can be dangerous and self-defeating. In this article I set out to demonstrate how early mornings may well have life-changing benefits – but only if they don’t compromise a healthy sleeping routine.

How Wealthy Is the Average Person at Your Age?

My most popular blog post of the year, which says something about how much we all like to compare. I looked at data on the average net worth of individuals in different age groups in the UK and discussed some of the insights we can glean from it.

5 Neurological Reasons to Start Mindfulness Meditation

Before I started looking into the benefits of meditation, I was highly sceptical of the hype around mindfulness.  It turns out, however, that there is a remarkable amount of research on the neurological benefits. Mindfulness meditation has been may be capable of quite literally altering our brain structure and neuroplasticity. These are the five core reasons why even the biggest sceptics should give it a shot.

Why Another Recession Is Looming – and How to Prepare

In 2008 we faced one of the deepest global recessions in economic history. Now, a distorted global recovery and the inevitable nature of economic cycles leave us imminently facing another. This article sought to explain why I think a recession is inevitable in the next 2-3 years, and what you can do to prepare your personal finances for it.

The CRAP Factor: An Easy Formula for Work-Life Balance

A personal favourite of mine. I created the CRAP Factor in jest to demonstrate how the 9-5 is never really just a 9-5. With this quick calculation, you can assess your work-life balance, see where you sit on the CRAP Factor spectrum, and then do something about it.

The House Money Effect: Why Your Money Must Feel Like Your Money

Ever inherited money or won some money? Did you treat that money any differently to the money you’ve earned? If so, perhaps you were under the spell of the house money effect. This article sought to explain how this psychological bias can skew decision making for the worse, and how to combat against it.

Killing You Softly: The Perils of a Long Commute

I’ve experienced first-hand the dangers of a long commute. Not only does it eat into what should be our free time, but the evidence shows it can have devastating effects on our health and wellbeing. So how can we change our commutes for the better?

The Science-Backed Power of Authenticity

Positive psychology research is increasingly identifying authenticity as a leading predictor of well-being and happiness. This article tackled three questions. What makes someone authentic? What is the evidence on its benefits? And how can we foster it?

The Endowment Effect: Why We Overvalue Our Stuff

As I observed my father holding onto his stuff for dear life, I began to wonder what the hell compelled him to do so. He was overvaluing his stuff due to the endowment effect, something that afflicts all of us from time to time. This article outlines the perils of this effect in more detail and sets out some ideas on how to control it.

Thanks for Reading!

So there you have it: my top 10 picks from my first year of blogging.

If you’ve just stumbled across the blog, I hope, above all, that you learn something new from reading them, just as I did from writing them.

If you’ve been a regular reader of the blog this year, thank you for your support. Learning is a huge motivator, but your support provides the ultimate motivation to continue this project for the long run.

So thank you. Thank you for letting me share my journey and ideas with you, thank you for giving up a slice of your time to read, and thank you for being curious. I will continue to research and write for the curious in 2020, and I hope we continue to learn together.

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