The Choice Is Simple:

Get Informed. Or Get Hustled.

Hustle Escape is a web resource with one ambitious objective at its heart: to help readers achieve greater independence of mind, money and habits. Our thesis is simple: we believe that without independent education and action, the systems of today’s world hustle people into mental and financial dependence by default. Drawing on wide-ranging research, we explore tools and ideas to escape this hustle and live our best lives.


Independent Mind

Independent Money

Independent Habits


You Don’t Own What You Think You Own

History tells us that sometimes wealth can be taken from us not just gradually, but overnight. A steady watering down of property rights suggests now is the time to prepare for such an event once more.

CBDCs: A Monetary Highway to Hell

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are a future threat to freedom which we cannot ignore. Here’s a summary of the potential advantages and disadvantages of CBDCs – and how we can prepare for them.

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